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Bridging the gap between buyers and sellers is what we facilitate.

It may sound to you as a simple process however it is not as straightforward as it appears. As a business owner it will probably have taken you many years of hard work to develop the expertise and experience that is required to build a successful business. This is something you will be proud of and when you have made that often-hard decision to dispose of your business, you will want to ensure that the sale is in capable hands.

We have spent many years in building up the necessary experience and expertise, technical skills, market knowledge, administrative processes along with the appropriate resources to sell your business. Our professional approach means you can rely on us to maximize the opportunity to obtain the best possible price for you.

Christian Lockhart established Chris Hart Business Sales Ltd. Glasgow in 1980 to provide a high quality professional Business Transfer Agency covering the whole of Scotland and Northern England. Over these many years the company has achieved this while at the same time it has gained a wealth of experience, knowledge and understanding of valuing a large variety of different types of businesses. Coupled with this vast knowledge is the ability to negotiate with potential buyers of your business to make an offer at the best possible price, on terms and conditions favourable to you.

Thus bridging the gap between buyers and sellers.

The sale, merger or acquisition of a business can be a daunting and stressful time for you. It is also a time where you must have clear thinking and a positive attitude in order to negotiate the best deal. It is extremely difficult for you to do this when you are acting on your own.

By engaging our services you ensure that your goals are met by us being the go-between in order to reduce disagreement, manage the negotiations and keep both parties on track. Years of experience enable us to see certain tactics being adopted by the purchaser and deal with them on your behalf.

When consulting Chris Hart Business Sales Ltd on a proposed sale, acquisition or merger, the first step for us is to properly and effectively assess the proposed transaction. In the case of a business disposal it may well be that the timing of the sale is postponed in order to have the up-to-date information available for a potential purchaser. It may also be the case that in our expert opinion that the timing is not suitable or correct to bring the business to the market and in this case we will advise you of the next step we think should be taken in order to prepare the business for the marketplace. Once the initial assessment has been carried out, we will advise you on our opinion as to the best marketing price and how we will implement our marketing strategy that has been developed over many years in order to maximise the result.

Our carefully designed process ensures a smooth and effective sale with a minimum of disruption to your business. We are also well aware that confidentiality is of utmost importance in order to avoid uncertainty with you employees, loss of goodwill and additional stress on you.

Chris Hart Business Sales Ltd has an unrivalled reputation for providing high level of service with many benefits to you that far outweigh our costs. Our fees are competitive and structured to ensure we obtain the best possible deal for you. Importantly we do not demand up-front marketing cost, we have no up-front charges what so ever. Our terms and conditions are clearly stated and agreed in writing prior to commencing marketing of your business. Up until our agreement is signed, you are not involved with any costs or commitment to us.

Our marketing strategy is tailored to bring the buyer most suited to your business; this is achieved by having a knowledge and understanding of potential purchasers and it helps eliminate the time wasting. The marketing strategy will be discussed with you in advance and encompass a variety of methods such as using a large number of websites that are specifically for business sales. We also have a large data base of potential buyers and businesses that can be targeted.

During the course of the transaction we aim to keep you fully conversant with what is going on by reporting to you on a regular basis, by keeping a close tab on the process, we are able, where necessary, to make adjustments to the market strategy if required. From start to finish one person will handle the whole process.

Our professional approach means you can rely on us to maximize the opportunity to obtain the best possible price for you.

So why not take the professional approach by phoning Christian Lockhart on 0141 221 3312 or e-mail